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V2 - Integration (Webinar Fields / Custom Fields)
V2 - Integration (Webinar Fields / Custom Fields)
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As we add the registrant's information to your CRM during registration, we can also add the field values together with it.

Depending on your needs, you can definitely set them up using the same procedure as the Webinar Tags.

Webinar Fields (generated after registration for each):

  1. Webinar Join Link

  2. Webinar Short Link

  3. Replay Link

  4. Replay Short Link

  5. Webinar Date

  6. Webinar Time

  7. Webinar Date&Time

  8. Webinar Timezone

  9. Phone Number (Attendee)

Custom Fields (Examples of what you may add into opt in form on registration page) :

  1. Job title

  2. Company Name

  3. Select Box : Gender

    • Male

    • Female

To start setting up custom fields in your webinar integration page, you normally create and/or name these fields first on your CRM application.

(Example : Active Campaign)

Be sure to match them accordingly through the EasyWebinar Integration Page (Advanced Settings)

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