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V2 - Setting up Webinar Tags and the flow in which they get applied
V2 - Setting up Webinar Tags and the flow in which they get applied
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In a regular scenario, this is how the webinar tags are applied through integration.

  1. After Registration

  2. During the Webinar Time

  3. After the Webinar Time

Easywebinar supports the following optional tags :

FYI: Only create the tags you wish to use within your CRM

  1. Registered

  2. Came to webinar

  3. Missed

  4. Watched full

  5. Left early

  6. Watched Replay

  7. Asked a question

  8. Saw offer (did not click)

  9. Saw offer (clicked)

To start setting up tags in your webinar integration page, you normally create and/or name these tags first on your CRM application.

Tags can get crazy to locate to use. Implement your own naming hierarchy as an example abbreviated event name dash registered or what ever action you are tagging. This way you know at a glance where they are for and what the action/inaction might be.

  • Step 1 : Create and/or name tags on your 3rd party application

  • Step 2 : Match those tags on your EasyWebinar Integration page

(Example Step 1 : Active Campaign)

You can use different names on your CRM based on your preferences as long as you match them accordingly in the EasyWebinar integration page :

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