V2 - Webinar Creation
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We would like to help you to create your first webinar inside your EasyWebinar account.

Now you may not wish to do a live event in front of an audience as your webinar and you can create another after this one.

As you will see as you go through this article that there is more to your EasyWebinar app that meets the eye. You can use our Live engine to connect you and your computer to create a recording that can be used within any one of your webinar funnel pages.

You can also use it to stream into your Facebook group or page you manage or stream into your YouTube channel and build that channel up. A strategy could be to push out some micro content about what it is you do. I am sure there are countless topics, so write out and article and post on your blog. Then stream it to your youtube channel. Once that is done you can embed that YouTube live into a blog post for further SEO traction to your organic results. Use your eaywebinar app to create content because its not just for webinars.

Use this method to also create your automated webinars recording if it has not been created yet. This way EasyWebinar will host your recording for you, no need to upload anywhere. (due to hard costs this depends on your plan level)

Your webinar funnel pages need content, right? It is advised to guide your registrants by the hand through your funnel in a step by step manner, right? You can treat each page as a landing page that has a purpose and create a recording for each page within our live engine.

Some will watch the video on the page while others will only ready texts and bullet points to get the jist of what's going on. Plus, if you are not afraid to turn on the camera this is where they can get a personal touch and feel from you and increase that know like trust factor.

Examples can be like this.

Registration pages is where you provide information about your webinar details and what they will learn or get just for registering and attending. You can also provide a digital gift / bribe so to speak if they register. Keep this gift relevant to your webinar. Then put that download link on the thank you page and the welcome email.

Thank you pages is where you can thank them for registering and also let them know what to do next within this funnel or your own flow. In the video you can do a screen share of your thank you page and share with them how they can share details of this event or book mark or add to calendar details. Here you can bribe again and say for showing up on event day they will get another gift during the event. Then at the end of the event you can provide this by creating an offer within CTA's section. Give it to them at the end so they watch.

Waiting room is the countdown page they land on when they click their link before the webinar starts. Here you can let them know they are on correct page and that the webinar will start when timer reaches zero. You can provide more training before it starts, just keep it relevant to the webinar.

Use this to create a quick meeting room for clients 1 on 1 or as a quick meeting with past clients to get video testimonials to add to your registration page.

Please follow the steps below:

1: Create a live event - call it test

2: Upload presentation/PowerPoint into files in the library section to share while live

Don’t own PowerPoint or Keynote? Use Canva.com for free

3: Go live to create recordings for funnel pages and automated events or to share testimonials during live

4: Use recordings for funnel pages, create recording for automated or automated gold events

Add in webinar recording to your Automated

Add in webinar recording to your Automated Gold

Create your real event and build out / customize your funnel pages

Add recordings to any funnel page

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