V2 - Live Room controls and menus
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Get yourself familiar with the live room and the menu options by creating a live webinar to test and or rehearse from.

  • Stop/Start Recording -the webinar will be recorded automatically once you go live. If you choose to stop, then just click on the “Stop Recording” button. However please do do restart. You can stop recording and stay live with remaining few to answer questions but perhaps you dont want that captured.

  • Reminder there is no editing of the recording within EasyWebinar so keep the beginning and end in mind so you can have a great recording that lives on EasyWebinar for your automated webinar.

  • FB/Youtube easycast function- now that you are live using Easywebinar, you can also choose to expand your audience through Facebook or Youtube using the Easycast function.

  • Moderators can also start this function for you.

  • If you start it please have titles and description in a text file that you can copy and paste over so that it saves you time.

  • Camera- you can switch your camera to “On/Off” from here or select the device and video resolution.

Microphone- you can switch between “mute or unmute” from here and even select your audio hardware device.

  • Presentation Options- we have 3 presentation options available.

    1. Share your Screen

    2. Share Slide (Uploaded within your EasyWebinar Media Files)

    3. Share Video (Uploaded within your EasyWebinar Media using MP4 URL only youtube, vimeo, wistia links wont work)

  • Invite Button- this is where you can grab your quick links for inviting additional people to join your webinar

You can get the co host and moderator links from presenter / moderator area when you add them in.

  • Settings-you can update audience permissions in real-time and change your device settings from here if you did not already set that up before hand.

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