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To create any webinar type you first click on either the + symbol or one of the 2 Create a Webinar buttons.

1: Then you can select what type of webinar you wish to run. Live, Automated, or Automated Gold..

  • Live is where you do it in real time in front of your audience.

  • Automated is a simulated live where you can have it play a recorded video in your place.

  • Automated gold is an advanced evergreen function where you can take your recorded video and have it run at a recurring pre-set date/time structure so it runs on autopilot for you.

2: Give your webinar a title

3: This is optional but you can add tags to your webinars to make it easy to find later on or to group them if desired. click on continue to schedule


1: Now that you are on the schedule tab

2: Choose from the dropdown your schedule options

3: you can always add on more set times to the schedule options

4: Check out settings or continue to video

If you clicked on continue to video please skip this step..

1: With setting selected you can see more schedule options

2: Allow registration for ongoing events keeps the registration opt in form open for events that have started already.

3: Choose from the drop down how many options you wish to display when they land on the registration page.

4: Choose any dates you wish to not have running and we will simply skip those date(s) for you.

5: Click to continue to video

1: Here is where you Either select from a previous recorded live session or add your video you wish to use.

1: adding a video please provide a title for this video so you can find it within your library

2: Paste in the video url from Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, Amazon s3 ( must be an mp4 video file )

3: add the correct video length

4: click to add check mark and add to your library

5: Click on add video and choose template

Please scroll through and locate a template to choose from. Then you can use the editir to modify it to fit your brand. You can always change the template later within the editor.

Then you can continue to add into your webinar what you wish like CTA's, polls, integrations and notifications and so much more.

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