V2 - Upload a presentation for your live event screen share
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During your live event you can have share screen options to share a presentation to your audience. To take the load off your computer and also to help you if you only have 1 monitor to work with we have the ability to upload it to our server.
Upload a PPTX, PDF, WORD, Document files as your presentation slide during a live webinar. Then while live you can choose this as your share selection from this library.

In some instances for PPTX you may need to export out as a PDF if slides get skewed. This is caused due to our conversion process that is similar to export out as pdf but because it is outside the tool in which it was created we may not recognize all fonts or see through the layers of the design.
For keynote you must export out as a PDF to upload to us.
Another option for PPTX is to save as PowerPoint Picture Presentation as this will lessen the filesize and make it simpler to upload.

If you do not own powerpoint or keynote then you can always use Canva.com or google slides to create your presentation and then export as a pdf to upload to Easywebinar.

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