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V2 - Live Room presentation share screen options
V2 - Live Room presentation share screen options
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We have 3 Presentation options available during LIVE.

  1. Share your Screen

  2. Share Slide (Uploaded within your EasyWebinar Media)

  3. Share Video (Uploaded within your EasyWebinar Media using MP4 URL)

1: If you are sharing your Screen, you have 3 more options (WholeScreen/ApplicationWindow/ChromeTab)

2: Sharing a slide from your media library ( presentation media folder within dashboard menu ) is the most practical way to do a live webinar presentation. Please take note though that once you have uploaded a file into your easywebinar library, the output will be converted into its optimal state. This means any special effects/fonts or transitions will be rendered to its basic output. If you have uploaded it before your webinar has started, then you can browse it from your Library.

We then provide controls to go through your slides. These controls are not seen in the recording or by your attendees. Only seen by you alone.

3: If you want to share a video, then first you may need to host it from your website or AmazonS3 to get the MP4 URL. You can share that Video(URL) on-the-fly or you can select it from your media library. Only rules here are that url must start with HTTPS and end with .MP4.. YouTube, vimeo, wistia not compatible within live events playback at this time. You will need to share your screen to play from those hosts.

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