When I went out to write this, the thought behind it was…How do we get people to understand why/how EasyWebinar is the best system out there for running webinars?

Both live and automated webinars. No matter what.

Platforms like Zoom, WebinarJam, EverWebinar, Stealth Seminar, GoToWebinar, Demio, BigMarker, Straight YouTube live, WebinarNinja, Crowdcast don’t hold a candle to us, but often it is hard for you to know that unless you come into our community.

While at the same time, we thought it was important to share just how many different scenarios can be run with EasyWebinar and the use cases for many of them.

EasyWebinar can do these types of events. (Many of our competitor’s can do these types of events too, however the majority of them only do a handful of the list below. No platform does all of these like our system can)

  • One time live event

  • Recurring weekly live events

  • Automated one time event in one timezone

  • Automated recurring webinars in your attendees local timezone

  • In Time Registration [Streamed every 15 minutes]

  • Block day scenario streamed automated webinars

  • Straight to replay page scenario

  • Dynamically show next available session on registration page

  • Show multiple sessions in the registration drop down menu

So let’s break down these events a bit more...and to help us, I have grabbed my friend Joe Fier who did a great video on just what these nine video are!

(And btw, there is a also a free mini course on this same topic at https://tribeminded.teachable.com/p/easywebinar


One time live events:

If you want to run a webinar every so often to your audience at any given time whether it’s selling something, or free, or running a partner (affiliate) webinar, with EasyWebinar you can use 2 different options! Yep that’s right we have 2 different live stream platform options. Most companies have only 1 and they are very limiting.

We have our EasyWebinar Live Engine [No latency streaming]. This tool will do no latency, HD streaming of both you in front of the camera and your screen. Plus you have up to 4 people in the room all streaming in HD quality. You can move attendees to Presenters, Share Offers, Polls, PDF’s, Questions and Live Chat in real time with your community. You can have up to 2000 attendees in the room using this system…and it rocks!


(And completely optional and slightly more advanced)

You can use our YouTube Live integration. With our YouTube Live integration you can run high production or any production level webinars for more than 2000 attendees. We have some companies using our system to stream live events with multiple cameras and YouTube Live makes it easy. You can simply use YouTube Live or add a third party encoder like Wirecast to run more than one camera source to where you are truly beefing up your production! Woot!

The other thing you can do with our YouTube Live integration is put in other third party chat options (or use our built in live chat). Third party chat options like Chatwing, Chatroll, Facebook Comments and Twitter Comments. This customization often times makes EasyWebinar a very exciting option for those looking to do more with their own Branding and Social Sharing.

How would you schedule a One Time Live Webinar?

  1. Login to EasyWebinar.

  2. Create your first webinar template by simply scheduling the webinar time/date/and add a quick bit of info for the headline. (You can choose to activate the notification system and customize some of those emails too if you want) -Should take less than 3 minutes.

  3. Click ‘Go Live’ to start your live webinar either using our EasyWebinar live engine or YouTube Live.

If you choose the EasyWebinar Live Engine you can actually share the live link out while your webinar is going on and invite people on the fly to your webinar. [This is a great option and can be used as a replacement for Zoom or GTW/GTM or any conferencing platform]


Recurring weekly live events:

If you run a weekly live webinar, Q and A, interview show, this would be a great scenario for you.

Your registration page automatically shows the next session in your series as soon as your existing webinar is over.

This will allow you to consistently collects leads without you working harder.


Where does the under the hood power of EasyWebinar truly outshine everything else?

Using our Automated Webinars Funnels for more time and freedom…

If you aren’t sure what an automated webinar is, go and check out this post we created earlier about best practices to an automated webinar!

What are the most popular settings and
funnels we see when running automated webinars?


Automated one time event in one timezone:

Automated webinars are streamed in real time with the look and feel of live without you having to be there. There are many options for automated webinars and this one is similar to a one time live webinar. We had a customer once who was so busy with his family life and had a full time job that he couldn’t run a live webinar without conflicting with his family time. So he ran it as an automated one time event. It streamed live and after all was said and done, he made 14k on that one webinar that was streamed one time. [Automated webinars free your time up]


Automated recurring webinars in your attendees local timezone:

Do you want to reach a world wide audience? Or maybe you already have one. An automated recurring webinar can be streamed every day at specific times, or during specific days in the week. For instance you can set an automated recurring webinar to run 3 times a day. 11am , 2pm , and 7pm. We have customers running this same scenario that are doing thousands a day. When running these events, instead of streaming the event in one static timezone.

By static I mean, when streaming it at 2pm PST it streams at 3pm mountain, 4pm central and 5pm EST. Instead of streaming it as a static timezone, stream it in your attendees local timezone. Which means, if you schedule an automated evergreen recurring webinar to stream at 2pm, it will stream at that time locally for everyone in the world.

So at any point a person coming to the page will see it as 2pm for them. No matter if they are in Singapore or Los Angeles. These webinars capture more leads because people can watch the events when it is best for them. At the peek hours they are around. Which means, no more worrying about trying to get those on the other side of the world into your webinars because now you’ll be able to.


In Time Registration (Just in Time) [Streamed every 15 minutes] (Booking Strategy Calls):

Let’s take the ability to get people on the webinar one step further. You see, it’s proven that if you can get a registrant on the webinar they are the ones who will more than likely buy your program.

Most times, getting them on the webinar can require a lot of tactics that often don’t work. A right on time webinar can stream a webinar to show in 15 minute increments to where if someone comes to the page at 2:25, a webinar can be starting at 2:30. Or if someone comes to the webinar at 11:01, a new webinar will be starting at 11:15. This strategy gets more people on the webinar which means more people take action on the webinar.


Automated Webinar Block day scenario: (Selling a product right from the webinar)

When you block an automated webinar by a specific day it means that whenever someone comes to the registration page, if you say block by 1 day, it will not show an available time for the day they show up, but will for the next day. If you block by 2 days and someone arrives on Thursday, it will show the next available time to watch the webinar on Saturday. These automated webinars allow you to do authority seeding before the webinar starts. Such as offer a podcast link to listen to before the webinar starts or an additional nurture email urging them to get to the webinar. Using this strategy correctly can often times make the sale on a webinar easier.


Straight to replay page scenario:

What about getting someone to an event right away? With the straight to replay option from the registration page you can easily get people to watch the event, not in the next 15 minutes, but instantly right away. You can also have the replay option shown on the registration page along with a future session as well! Remember, more sales comes from those coming to the webinar directly . If you can’t convert on the Right on time events, try the instant replay from the reg page!


Dynamically show next available session on registration page:

With EasyWebinar you can choose to show the next available time only on the registration page or…more options. When it is you only showing the next available time, it will remove the drop down menu to where you will only have the action of your registrant to put their name and email in and not have to select a future time. The fewer actions someone takes can often lead to better conversions.


Show multiple sessions in the registration drop down menu:

Want to stream multiple times from the registration page? With our multiple session drop down, you can. We have seen high conversions on our webinars and our clients when streaming multiple events 3 times a day. Typically, 11am , 3pm and 7pm are good times to stream out an event.


What are the 2 of our most popular automated webinar funnels?

High Paid Consultant Funnel:

From FB ad——> Right on time webinar ——> Free Webinar offering a strategy session——> application ——> to Scheduler

Product Funnel:

From FB ad——> Free PDF —-> Promoting an Automated ‘right on time’ webinar ——> high converting webinar——> Automation 4x Follow up Sequence

Both of these 2 funnels perform very well for us and our clients. Some clients are doing 20k a day from their automated funnels so we KNOW THEY WORK!

Would you like to watch a deep dive training on this? Go to https://tribeminded.teachable.com/p/easywebinar and sign up for the quick training.

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