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V2 - How to add your integration into your webinar.
V2 - How to add your integration into your webinar.
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Within integrations tab you can select your integration and connect it into your webinar. In this example we use Mailchimp but the process is the same for all email integrations.

Then you can select the list you wish to have all registrants names, email added to. Then click continue. "Make sure that your lists are set up as a single opt in and not a double opt in. Reason is if it is a double opt in EasyWebinar will still send data to your integration but will not get added to that list or get any other data like tags mentioned below until they click on confirm button within your integrations confirmation email."

Now that it is added you can always change the list they are added to by clicking on change

If you wish to change your integration altogether you can click on change integration and then select a different one or you can outright disconnect it from the webinar and start over.

Most integrations we connect to provide us the means to allow you to create actions for applying tags for actions or inactions.

We can also pass over info into custom fields. Default is what we pass and custom form fields would be what you create on the higher level plans for mapping out custom created fields to your crm.

All tags and custom fields need to be created within your CRM first and then selected or added into your webinar. If you are creating tags or fields at same time in another tab then you need to click on Reload Tags button

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