Screen share settings for Mac

Macs have security settings that need enabled to allow for screen share when using your browser with easywebinar

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Because we are browser based it is best to use chrome..

Safari does not allow for webRTC sharing of your screens/monitors..

This is one of the many reasons we have the ability to upload your presentation file to easywebinar.. Then you can share it from the library.. Now if you use keynote it would need to be exported out as a pdf file and then upload the pdf.. It will show each page as a slide.. Just make sure it is designed in a wide or 16:9 format to fill player space best..

When on a mac and using chrome make sure to enable browser screen-sharing, you may need to see the below steps.

Procedure :

If this is the first time you will do a screen-sharing, you’ll be asked to enable the Screen sharing permission for Google Chrome.

When you see the following dialog, click "Open System Preferences".

If you do not see the dialog above or you are unable to screen share, manually open System Preferences, click the "Security and Privacy" icon and then choose "Screen Recording" in the sidebar.

2. In the Screen Recording section click the box next to Google Chrome to allow screen sharing. You may need to click the unlock icon in the bottom-left.

3. Next, click "Quit Now". You will not be able to screen share until you quit and restart Google Chrome.

Note: If you disable the Screen Recording permission from System Preferences, you'll need to re-enable it again in the future.

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