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Screen Sharing During A Live Webinar
Screen Sharing During A Live Webinar

Share your computer screen with your audience. Teach from a presentation or show a live demo of your product.

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Screen sharing during your live webinar is the best way to demonstration your expertise in a topic or show off your training package. 

Using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google slides to teach to your audience or onboard a client is a great use of screen sharing. 

**NOTE - Your slides and photos can be uploaded in the "My Files" section of EasyWebinar and will be covered in the next article. 

There are 3 options to screen sharing in EasyWebinar. 

  1. Entire Screen -  Sharing the entire screen is great if you plan to jump around several times during your webinar. Be aware that you will be showing your entire computer corner to corner so please keep your screen as lean as possible with on the elements you need during the webinar. If you need to show several browser tabs and/or applications this is a great option for you. 

  2. Application Window - This option will allow attendees to see an application. You will be given the option to choose an application. An example of this is if you would be teaching your audience to use PhotoShop. Using the "application window" option will allow you to show just the PhotoShop application. 

  3. Browser Tab - If you plan to stay in one browser tab at least for a while use this option. This will show your attendees only what is inside the browser and nothing else. This is a great option for sharing as it is very clean and does not show your tabs, clock or any other distraction to your audience. 

Stop Sharing - To stop sharing all you need to do is click again on the screen share icon. (see gif below)

Feel free to jump between sharing your screen and back to live camera. However for the best results and the smoothest live webinar experience for your audience you will want to plan this to switch a few times as is necessary. 

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