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The Library section is where you can upload your files to use within your EasyWebinar app. Whether that may be to create and design your funnel pages or to use a file while live and share to your audience.

Go to the Library icon on the bottom left-hand side of the page.

Once there you can click on the type ( Recordings, Videos, Images, Files )

Then you can add media into correct spot to use within EasyWebinar

  • Recordings- Previous Live sessions are stored in the recordings menu

  • Video- Add a direct MP4 video URL or YouTube/Vimeo URL to upload the video. These are a mixture of videos for your pages or for automated event or for sharing while live. **Please note that for sharing a prerecorded video during a live webinar, currently only MP4 video URL can be shared during a live event ( Vimeo, FLV, Youtube, Wistia videos are not supported)**

  • Image- Upload a maximum size of 10MB for JPG, PNG, and SVG files

  • File- Upload a PPTX, PDF, WORD, Document files as your presentation slide during a live webinar. Then while live you can choose this as your share selection from this library.

  • Search- Search from the library for the resources that you have stored.

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