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V2 - How to create a CTA or call to action
V2 - How to create a CTA or call to action
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CTA is a term used that means call to action. This is the method in which your attendee can get what you want them to have or what you want them to do. Examples for Offers are download this workbook to follow along or download this gift just for attending and then give it to them at the end of your webinar. This can be book a time and you provide your calendar link. Perhaps you are selling a product or service and you then add in your cart url to get them to take action as quickly as possible.

A CTA can also be a poll, where you ask a question that has multiple choice answers. We will keep track of their answers for you to export.

1: Select edit of the webinar where you want this CTA
2: Click customize
4: Click CTA’s and within dropdown choose offer or poll

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