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Verifying Your Domain For Facebook Ads
Verifying Your Domain For Facebook Ads

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Updated over a week ago

After you added your domain to Easywebinar as discussed on the previous article

Go to and open up your business settings.

In the brand safety menu click on 'Domains'

If you are logged into your FB Business manager you can go here

Below we will share 2 methods of verifying. This first one will take time for servers to propagate and FB says up to 72 hrs.

Second method below may take time but at the time of writing this it seems much quicker.

Option 1:

Click 'Add' to start the process

Type out your custom domain

Look for the Meta Tag value.

Only copy the alphanumerical string

<meta name="facebook-domain-verification" content=β€œxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” />

Go to your Easywebinar Profile section and click on "Manage Custom Domain"

Click on "Edit / Update" under the "Action" Column

Paste the Alphanumeric Meta Tag value and click "SAVE"

Now go back to the Facebook dashboard and press the green Verify button. You should see a confirmation that the domain is verified and good to go!

Option 2:

For this one you will follow steps to get into your FB ads manager but this time you will select the DNS TXT record option

On #3 you can click to copy or simply copy your facebook-domain-verification=xxxxxxxxxx
And then go to cloudflare and paste that into a newly created TXT record within the DNS

1: Add Record

2: select TXT

3: add @ if this is the main domain or add sub-domain name xxx ( ) if its a sub domain

4: paste in your copied code
5: click save

Then go back to FB and click verify

Hoping this gets everything back on track for your Facebook ads. Please let us know if you have any

follow-up questions.

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