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Adding Your Own Domain To EasyWebinar
Adding Your Own Domain To EasyWebinar
Manage Custom Domain settings by using the CNAME option to connect your own website domain to EasyWebinar.
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** These instructions are only valid if you are using a separate, unused domain.**

Setting your own domain to EasyWebinar allows you to use branded URLs for your registration and other pages.

For example, Your subdomain is set up as []

Your pages are probably something like

(NOTE: This will not change the URL for a live or automated webinar room. Those must stay as

Here are the steps to connect your domain to EasyWebinar

1. Register for a free Cloudflare account

Follow the instruction provided by

2. Set your domain DNS to Cloudflare

a. Copy the nameserver settings given to you by Cloudflare. It will look similar to the image below. Do not copy those nameservers as yours may be different.

b. Open your domain nameservers on the website where you registered your domain. i.e. Godaddy, Name Cheap,, etc.

Godaddy Example: Example:

c. Change those nameservers to match the ones provided for you by Cloudflare.

It will then change to appear as image below

3. Continue with the account set up in Cloudflare

Follow the prompts in Cloudflare to complete your account set up.

4. Make the appropriate changes in Cloudflare to point to EasyWebinar

a. Delete all unused DNS records

b. Add 2 CNAME records



CNAME. www

use the subdomain you have inside your EasyWebinar profile. It will probably be something like, or

5. Add your domain in EasyWebinar

Need steps to verify your newly configured domain to FB Business manager?

Check out this article below :

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