Greenroom for Live Webinars
How to use greenroom to maximize your live webinar experience
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The greenroom is designed as a preparation room before you go live in EasyWebinar.

When you start a live webinar you will first enter the 'Greenroom'. This is your time to get your action plan together especially if you have more than one host and moderators.

Greenroom allows you to:

  • set up your camera and audio

  • double-check your slides and share screen options

  • chat with your co-hosts and moderators

  • allow anyone on your webinar not familiar with EasyWebinar to used to how it flows.

New button to enter the greenroom

What can you use greenroom for?

  • Getting your camera and microphone adjusted

  • Gather with your team and give pre-webinar instructions and plans

  • Show non-techie or first-time users who you are co-hosting with how to use the live platform. Sharing slides etc.

  • Verify your slides are uploaded and working properly

  • Set up your live webinar "start point". You may want to enter the live room with your slides already up and your camera on. You get to choose how you show up.

Click the "Go Live" button when you are ready

Greenroom FAQs

  • Attendees are in the countdown room while you are in the greenroom

  • Attendees can't see or hear you while you are in the greenroom

  • The recording of the webinar starts automatically when you start the live webinar

  • However your greenroom is set up when you click "Go Live" is how you will start your webinar. i.e. screen share, video play, camera view, etc.

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