How to use PowerPoint or Keynote in EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar's Live Events is based off of the Google Hangouts platform, which controls the way presentations appear, andgenerally that means it doesn't work in fullscreen mode. (attemptingfull screen will cause your webinar to freeze and not go throughslides)

Instead, set up your presentation to play in it's own window.


 When creating your presentation, in your PowerPoint menu, go toSlide Show -> Set Up Show -> select 'Browsed by an individual(window)' then it shows the full window.

The presentation won't go full screen, but instead the presentation itself will be contained within its own window so you can simply select to screen share-broadcast only that individual window, and thus effectively achieving the same effect as if you were full screen.

No matter what size your presentation on your desktop, when you share that window, it will expand to fit the size of the screen for attendees. So during the live event.

  1. prepare before you go live by clicking play on the powerpoint presentation
  2. size the window (choose about 1/4 of your desktop space)
  3. use the screenshare function to share that particular screen for the attendees

Only that window is shared, and you can cover it up with other windows on your desktop without affecting the viewer experience. So while you move back and forth between your Hangouts on Air screen and the powerpoint, attendees will only see the powerpoint window you shared.

Remember, you'll need to make the powerpoint window the active window again to advance the slides. 


 As for Keynote, export your presentation to HTML and open it in a new browser window. 

Then open the index.html file that is created in a browser window. (PREFERABLY CHROME) The animations are captured. Then follow the screenshare instructions above.

Tips for Best Viewer Experience:

 The webinar stream is 16x9 aspect ratio. So if you create your presentation with the same 16x9 or wide format, it will best fill the video screen for your attendees.But for the best results, skip animations (always a good idea with streaming video).If all of this is too much for you, simply convert your presentations to pdfs. You can page through the pdf file just like a powerpoint,with far less use of your system resources.

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