Go HighLevel Integration

Integrate your webinars with Go HighLevel using tags #GoHighLevel #HighLevel #app.gohighlevel.com #high level

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** HighLevel integration is only available in our new version of EasyWebinar.

Step 1: Log into your HighLevel account.

*** If you have a client account, you must log in with the same credentials at app.gohighlevel.com and not your white-label domain.

Step 2: Go to your profile and select Integration

Step 3: Add tags as needed to your HighLevel account

  • Registered

  • Attended

  • No Show

  • Left Early

  • Watched Full

  • Watched Replay

  • Asked A Question

  • Saw Offer and Clicked

  • Saw Offer and Did Not Click

NOTE: See tag article link below in the HighLevel support base

Step 4: Inside your webinar, Click on Integration.

Step 5: Connect HighLevel to your webinar

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