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V2 - Scheduling Options for Webinars
V2 - Scheduling Options for Webinars
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Take a look a the table for the scheduling and preferences for each webinar type.

Scheduling Options

  • Time zone selection- Select a time zone for your attendees to participate.

  • Frequency of Specific Date, Daily, or Weekly- Select the option of frequency of dates for attendees to register.

  • Just-in-Time Registration- Set up a just-in-time session as an available option during registration. Choose from 15, 30, 45 minutes, or 1 hour.

  • Instant Replay- Enabling option for instant replay as available during registration.

  • Recurring Schedule- Set your webinar to run continuously based on the selected frequency, you can choose either Daily or Weekly.

For Preferences

  • Number of available schedules to show during registration- displaying the list of available schedules.

  • Allow people to register for an ongoing session -allowing registrants to continue to register even the event is already ongoing.

  • Block Short-Term Registration- set a day/days of not allowing to register into a webinar start date.

  • Blackout Dates- Pre-set any specific dates like 'holidays' where you don't want to run your webinar.

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