V2 - Webinar Analytics
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This report is based specifically for each of your webinar. Quickly have a glimpse by going through the “Analytics” section of your webinar.

1.) Calendar Filtering

  • You can set the calendar to filter the.... (???) -Chris

2.) Unique Visitors

  • This represents the number of people who viewed and/or accessed your registration page.

3.) Registrants

  • Among those unique visitors, this number represents how many people have successfully registered.

4.) Total Sales

  • Details to follow... COMING SOON

5.) Revenue

  • Details to follow... COMING SOON

6.) Webinar Funnel Stats


7.) Visitor and Registration Summary / Event Activity

  • Shows a date-based graphical representation of [visitors vs registrations]

Question List / Chat History




Geo Graph

  • This will give you insights of your visitors and/or registrants based on their location

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