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V2 - Where can I find or locate my links/urls to use
V2 - Where can I find or locate my links/urls to use
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As seen within the image above

1: go to webinars

2: select section for last saved webinar in question

3: click on the 3 dots / more

4: Copy or click registration url and it will open a new tab for you to then go there and copy from address bar
The registration page url is what you need to share within your marketing to drive traffic to your webinar to get people to register for it.
The other place to see your urls is within your webinar.
Edit the webinar and then go to promote and share tab to get your other links if needed for preview or to share. Remember join links and replay links are given within notification emails.

1: copy url function when clicked

2: open that page in new tab when clicked.

1: Click Link icon

2: click copy so it can copy to clip board

The attendee join link bypasses the registration process for built in notifications and integration tagging. It is meant to get people into live event quickly.

Raw replay link here does not have unique identifier for tracking / analytics. For that please use our built in notifications using our follow up emails.

Walk through video below:

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