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V2 - Replay page expiration settings
V2 - Replay page expiration settings
Updated over a week ago
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We have expanded the way replay pages can be handled to give you more power and flexibility you need.

Expiration settings can add a little FOMO / Scarcity to your followup.

1: No expiration means that this page will live on and the unique replay link you provide will always provide them access to watch whenever they want to with no time limits.

2: Number of days is where the fun can start.

3: Make sure to add in the number of days after the webinar to bring replay page to an end. It will expire at midnight xx amount of days you input here after the date/time event they registered for. Example: someone signs up for a Wednesday and you input 2 for amount of days. Then on Friday at midnight the replay page expires.

4:When replay video expires you can redirect them to any page you wish. Example would be to your CTA page

5: For anyone who clicks on that unique replay link after it expires for them you can redirect these to any page you wish. Example: Seeing as these people may have never seen your webinar or replay you might want to redirect these back to your registration page if this is an automated webinar or to a custom page with a form on it to get them on a early bird notifications list for next time you go live.

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