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V2 - Replay content settings, build custom replay page
V2 - Replay content settings, build custom replay page
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For the most part the simplest way to use this is to use webinar replica.

Webinar replica is where we take what you have done within your event page as far as what video, CTA's / polls, chat you have set up and replicate that for your replay.

Why build a custom replay page? Well if you want any of your settings different on the replay you build it out. Example: Running a live event and have a gift for those who only attend live? Then you have that as an offer for your live event but you create a custom replay page to omit that gift / offer. Dont forget that you will now also need to do this after your live event so you can select that recording to play for replay.

So to build a custom replay page in 4 steps:

1: select custom build

2: add in your replay video

3: create your CTA's and time them out based on the video length as your timeline. Please see CTA's section in knowledgebase for more..

4: Choose your chat settings

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