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V2 - Knowing the page-builder menu options
V2 - Knowing the page-builder menu options
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As the image above shows.

1: List of all pages you can jump to and edit/customize. Make sure to save before you jump to another page. Plus see 9 and 10 below!!

2: Get the url of the displayed page and also ability to rename the page

3: Ability to disable your pages to stop access

4: switch from desktop to mobile modes to make edits within each for better optimization for each device

5: If using the button to open a pop up you can design the pop up here.

6: Funnel page settings

7: Choose another template to edit or build from scratch

8: Ability to Preview your pages but first save and then publish.

9: Publish pushes the changes to the live page and is needed for you to be able to preview

10: Save your content so you can come back to it later. By saving does not make it live on the existing page, you must publish after saving to make the changes live.

11: exit or leave page builder and go back into customize webinar level settings in your app

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