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V2 - Automated Gold Schedule / Settings options
V2 - Automated Gold Schedule / Settings options
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These are options to choose to add for the registration process. These are future date/time options that your potential registrants will see and choose from prior to sign up on the registration page or when using widget on your page.

In-Time Registration when turned on will provide 1 just in time type of option to choose from. You can provide intervals of 15, 30, 45, 1hr.

Now keep in mind 15 min is based on clock hour, top of hr, ¼ after, 30 after, 45 and again at top of hr. So it could range from 1 - 14 minutes away depending on when they land on your page. If they land on your registration page at 12:06 then in 9 minutes is the first available time slot.

If you want to run an in time event structure only then keep instant replay off and recurring off. This will mean you are running in time events only based around your interval.

If you choose to exclude specific time. This means that you can turn off these interval options between a set of hrs, normal during the night. This is used if you are trying to make it appear more like live as possible. However if your avatar is up during those hours then perhaps you might keep it as off so it will run 24 hrs a day.

Instant Replay When this is turned on it will show up as an option to go straight to the replay page after they sign up. This is used if you want to get them into watching your video immediately and cannot wait the 1-14 minutes of in time using 15 min interval. Keep in mind that this is replay and not an event there will be player controls and we cannot tag for watch full or left early. Those tags are for future date/time events. This can be on all by itself or in combination with In time or recurring but normal use case is either by itself or with recurring times.

Recurring Schedule are options that allow you to set up a variety of future dates and times in many different combinations.

Everyday at a set time and if you want another time in the same day then click on add more time and choose everyday so you can choose a second time option.

Weekly is when you can choose your specific days during the week you wish it to run. If you want to use same time you can choose multiple days in one selection. If you want to have another time selection you can add another time and select every week and choose the day and then that days time.

You can stack many combinations of future date/times for your peeps to choose from. Just keep it simple because a confused mind will never buy. Too many options can cause them to walk away and not make the decision to sign up. As a suggestion only keep these around 3 maybe 4, but always test to see what works best for you.

How many options to show are found within settings within the number of schedules available dropdown.

Black Out Dates provide you the way to not have any registrations take place or webinars running on certain dates of your choice. Black out the dates for certain holidays.

Start date / End date is where you can schedule the webinar a bit. Recurring will run forever as long as you are an active member if there is no end date added. It can be left blank, but if you want to bring it to an end and have a hard stop registration date then add that date. Same with start date if you want a hard date to start getting registrants into an evergreen webinar add the date when you want the 1st date/time webinar available.

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