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V2 - Difference between Co-hosts and Moderators
V2 - Difference between Co-hosts and Moderators
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What is a "CoHost"?

EasyWebinar can have up to 4 people live with video talking at the same time on a live webinar. These are co-hosts.

What is a "Moderator"?

A moderator is a person who assists you during a LIVE webinar with chat, showing offers, handling participants.

Adding a co-host or moderator to your webinar:

You can invite a co-host or a moderator well in advance of the webinar. Just simply go to your “Live Webinar” and navigate to the “Presenters & Moderators” section then click on the “Add” button.

Add them accordingly to make sure they’ll receive their own unique link and have correct control authority during the webinar.
You can also grab their unique join links as shown in the image below:

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