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V2 - EasyCast Streaming to (Facebook and Youtube)
V2 - EasyCast Streaming to (Facebook and Youtube)
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While your webinar is streaming live within Easywebinar, you can also stream it live simultaneously through facebook and/or youtube.


To go live on Facebook you must have a Facebook account and be logged in to your account as well.

Follow the simple steps below to go live on Facebook in your personal page, your brand page, your group, or event.

Step #1 - Go Live In EasyWebinar

Step #2 - Once inside EasyWebinar you will see the FB LIVE image in the upper corner

Step #3 - Click the FB icon and it will open up the Facebook live pop up box. (Be sure to enable browser pop up options for this feature)

Step #4 - Decide what page, group or timeline you want to share this broadcast.

Step #5 - Preview the video experience automatically and add a catchy description of your post on Facebook. Hint: Go live in FB for say 15 minutes before you get to maybe the super enticing nitty gritty and once you do encourage people to move from Facebook to your webinar by sharing the webinar registration link! This helps you to automatically build your email list.

Step #6 - See what it looks like on Facebook live!

To help save time please have your title and descriptions or links ready to copy and paste to quickly add into either facebook or youtube.

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