V2 - How to Create a Live Webinar
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Let's do a Live webinar! πŸŽ₯ πŸŽ™οΈ

Webinar Details πŸ“

Live webinar is a live stream set to a single date or a series of dates.
We'll walk you through and show you how to set up your first event, schedule it, customize it, and launch it when you're ready to go on live.

  • Webinar Title - Provide a name for the webinar

  • Webinar tags - Tags allow you to group your webinar for deeper analytic reporting. This is different from your CRM integrations tags. This is optional.

  • Scheduling options - Click next to proceed with the scheduling.

Scheduling Options πŸ—“οΈ

This is where you set up the schedule and your preference on how the schedule is being displayed.

  • Options-Select a timezone and choose a type of frequency of the schedule and time whether you want it to be on Specific Dates, Daily, or Weekly.

  • Settings- Select a number of schedules to be displayed on your registration page. You can quickly add Blackout dates ,you can pre-set any specific dates like 'holidays' where you don't want to run your webinar


Template Selection 🎨

Here's a cool part! You can select different categories from our pre-built templates ALSO you can use the Start from Scratch template to match your branding.

If you choose to select from the templates it will route you to the Page Builder page for you to create and customize your funnel pages. See the articlePage Builderfor the guide.

You can choose to Skip and Move to Dashboard, if you decide to create your template at a later time. The dashboard will give you the option to revisit this process of template selection.

Webinar Dashboard πŸ”²

As we create the webinar, the menu tab for Overview, Customize, Promote & Share, Notifications, Integrations, and Replay are the ones that we will be working on.

  • Overview- You can edit the Schedule, Timezone, and Preference. In case you want to reschedule or cancel your upcoming schedule you can do so and send a notification as well of the said changes.


Customize - set up your Webinar Pages, CTA's, Chat Settings, and General Configuration from this menu. Let's create a set-up for each.

Webinar pages - As mentioned earlier if you have the template selection during the initial sequence, you can go back here and select or change it to a different one.

Once you have chosen your template you can modify it and add in your own content.

Make sure to click save first, then Publish to make it live so you can preview the page or share it out.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your Live webinar.πŸŽ‰

When you are ready to go live go to 3 dots of your event and click πŸŽ™οΈGo Live to start the live session.


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