V2 - How to go live at time of webinar
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As seen within the image above
1: go to webinars
2: select the Live category
3: click on the 3 dots / more of your webinar
4: Click on Join Room / Go Live
When pop up appears select from dropdown the date/time session to go live into ( be careful you dont burn up that session date. So Please create a test event to go live and test or rehearse for your event or if you wish to create a recording. Then go live on real event at the set date/time..

The first time you do this the browser will ask you permission to let easywebinar access your Mic and Cam for the webinar.. Make sure to click allow otherwise we cannot use them during the webinar

If at any time you have a connection issue you will see this message. Simply click on the click here message to reconnect.

It will then configure the room and put you into the Green room to get set up and ready.

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