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V2 - Account Management
Updated over a week ago

Excited to start running webinars? Take a deep breath and make sure that your account settings are properly configured. This article talks about :

  1. Profile Information

  2. Add-on accounts

  3. Integrations

  4. Zapier API Keys

  5. Subscription Details

  6. Custom Domain

  7. Custom Fields

1: Profile Information

  • Manage your personal information here such as your name, email address or even updating your password and timezone.

  • Remember how we asked you to choose a domain-name for your webinar the first time? ( We know how excited and proud you are of your choice. If ever you want it changed, you can simply do it from here :

2: Add-on accounts

  • Ability to purchase an additional account that is connected to yours. You can get one for branding purposes or if you are an agency.

3: Integrations


4: Zapier API Keys


​5: Subcription

  • Planning to upgrade already? This page is where you can manage your Plan information and payment details. Check out some of the features and see which best suits your needs. Need to pause or cancel this is where you come as well.

6: Custom Domain

  • Want more personalization? No worries! We are offering a custom domain feature to serve you better! Adding your own domain to EasyWebinar allows you to use branded URLs for your webinar pages (Registration, Thank-you, Countdown and Replay pages).

7: Custom Fields

  • Webinar registration usually starts by asking the name and email-address of the attendee. With custom fields, you can add more options to it. This can be set globally through here :

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