V2 - Understanding the webinar types
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  • There’s nothing more exciting than streaming in real-time and engaging with your audience. Feel the adrenaline, be in control! (anytime, anywhere!). With a live webinar, you can schedule this on your preferred time zone and be in the spotlight! You can invite speakers and/or moderators to help you all throughout the session. With nothing else needed other than a decent internet and computer, it's never been easier than now. Plus, you get to expand your audience by using our Easycast feature which allows you to simulcast the stream on YouTube and Facebook!


  • Want to do it without actually being in front of the audience in real-time? Then all you need to do is to use a pre-recorded video to run as a scheduled Live webinar. With the same layers of authenticity to that of a Live session, this will allow your audience to virtually experience a real-time event which includes “time-triggered” CTAs to make them feel as if you are there with them.

Automated Gold

  • Think of it as a Simulated Live but with more scheduling options. Compared to Live and Automated that runs on a specific time zone (ex. Eastern), Evergreen Gold does it based on the local time zone of your attendees. Surprising isn’t it? If you choose a 3pm start time, it will always be 3pm no matter which part of the country your attendees are in. You can also set up a “just-in-time” feature which is available to stream every 15 mins (from the current top of the hour) which strategically gets more people to show up during the webinar

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