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Troubleshoot Audio / Video Issues when joining a webinar
Troubleshoot Audio / Video Issues when joining a webinar

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Easywebinar is designed to work on a Browser which is WebRTC Based Compatible. (ex. Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

We recommend using Google Chrome as it is found to be flexible among other Web-Based apps and services.

Here is a list of things you may need to check if you encounter any Audio/Video/Presentation issues on the Event Page.

  1. Check your browser version if it's up-to-date.

  2. Click on "Allow" when your browser prompts for your Audio/Video Device to be used by "", ""

  3. On the Actual Event page, click or tap on the overlay which says "Tap for sound"

  4. If your browser did block it, then you need to look for the "block" icon beside the Easywebinar URL and set it to "ALLOW"

  5. Check your Browser Privacy & Security Site Settings and navigate to the affected device such as "Sound / Display / Camera / Microphone" and make sure that our app "" / "" is allowed.

In the Event that you are still having Audio/Video issues, then you may need to clear your browser data such as "Cache/Cookies"

Please be aware that you may only require to do these steps if your browser does not play audio/video despite the basic diagnostics above..

  1. Clear Cache/Cookies on Chrome Browser (Link here)

  2. Clear Cache/Cookies on Mozilla Firefox (Link Here)

  3. Clear Cache/Cookies on Safari (Computer, Mobile)

For Co-Hosts / Presenters joining on a Mobile Device, kindly see the list of WebRTC Compatible Browsers

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