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You have several options with your subscription in regards to cancellation

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I want to bring to your attention the many of the different options you have available to you inside of EasyWebinar.

You might be considering canceling or stopping your subscription for right now. But let's go over a couple of things before you do to make sure that's the right option for you.

#1 Are you utilizing EasyWebinar to its full potential?

You may be running webinars only occasionally, but marketing never stops. We have a tool built into EasyWebinar that allows you to go live on Facebook and YouTube without setting up a full webinar experience.

I put a link to the instructions to EasyCast right below this video.

EasyCast allows you to do things inside Facebook that the native Facebook live application will not allow. You can share your screen. Interview up to 3 other people, share a video, etc. If it can be done in EasyWebinar you can broadcast that to Facebook and YouTube.

Are you using EasyWebinar for onboarding?

I know you may have used EasyWebinar to get new clients but have you thought about using it for onboarding your current clients? You can use it to run classes and future events for your paying customers.

Have you considered turning your live webinar into an automated webinar? Using automated webinars to generate leads and sales is where your business really starts to scale and grow.

So the first question I would ask you before you consider canceling is are you utilizing all of EasyWebinar’s features in your business?

If you want to explore any of the above options further please reach out to us in support chat in the lower right corner.

#2 Do you need help making your webinars more successful?

Are you 3 feet from gold?

We often get tired of our own webinars long before our customers do.

We have programs to help you find the gold in your webinars.

Reach out to the support team and ask to schedule a video chat with our webinar strategists.

We have also provided you with EasyWebinar Bootcamp and our Elite Webinar Mastery Foundations Class. Both of these options you can learn at your own pace.

You’re not alone. Don't be afraid to say, I just want to talk to somebody.

#3 You may not need all of EasyWebinar’s bells and whistles.

Maybe you love the EasyWebinar experience, but right now you don’t need all of the features we offer.

You can downgrade your subscription to EasyWebinar Lite.

For $24.99 will get you one live webinar and one automated webinar.

You keep EasyCast so you can still broadcast live daily to your Facebook and YouTube audience.

If you don’t need to run multiple webinars simultaneously during the month this might be the plan for you.

Contact support to see if that option is a good fit for your business.

#4 You can pause your subscription.

Why would you want to pause your EasyWebinar subscription?

You put in a lot of time building your webinars and recordings of past webinars. If you are considering coming back and running your webinars again in a few months or not willing to give up all of that hard work the pause option is probably right for you.

You can downgrade your app to pause mode for $7.99 a month.

Canceling your account will delete all of the hard work you’ve put in and we don’t want that to happen.

Pausing allows us to hold your data on our servers for your return. When you come back we will resume your regular subscription billing and all of your data will be waiting for you.

#5 You can cancel your subscription.

If none of the above will work for you and you are ready to delete your webinars and recordings from our servers you can click on the cancel link.

The steps to cancel your subscription are to go into your account settings > subscription area.

Clicking on Cancel My Account button will then walk you through a few steps to see where you may be in need of some options you may not know exist if you dont wish to fully walk away. These options are mentioned earlier in this article for downgrade and pause options.

This will stop your billing immediately. We do ask that you take 2 minutes to help us understand why you are leaving.

Your replies are confidential and help us improve EasyWebinar.

Let’s recap:

Are you utilizing all of EasyWebinar’s features in your business?

Do you need guidance to improve your webinar success?

Would you consider downgrading to EasyWebinar Lite?

Possibly pausing your account, for now, is the best option

If all of the above don’t fit your needs and you are ready to stop your subscription and delete your work, canceling your EasyWebinar account is quick and painless.

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