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Integrating HubSpot With EasyWebinar
Integrating HubSpot With EasyWebinar
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Have your HubSpot account open and ready to make the connection easy in EasyWebinar. 

Step #1 - Go to your admin panel and click on the integrations menu. 

This will bring up an option to add your HubSpot account into EasyWebinar. 

If you are logged into HubSpot already it will auto-connect your account.

Authorize to connect your HubSpot integration into your webinar event. 

Once integrated, everything is done at the event level within event integrations tab as seen below.

List - is a collection of your contacts in hubspot.

If you want all your registrants to be in one list, you can specify it here.

Note : This should be a STATIC List in your hubspot

Aside from passing the registrant's Name and Email into hubspot, we can also include their personalized custom field info. (aka Field properties in hubspot). You will need to create a "Single-Line-Text" property so Easywebinar can write these values into hubspot.

To create custom field properties in HubSpot...

Below are the sample webinar custom fields in EasyWebinar that you can include as contact property in hubspot.

  1. Webinar Event Link - To get the registrants unique link

  2. Webinar Replay Link - registrant unique replay link

  3. Webinar Date - date chosen at opt in - Make sure to use single line text and NOT Date picker

  4. Webinar time - time of event the chose

  5. Phone number

  6. or any other custom field you may wish to create within EasyWebinar that you want to send back to your hubspot.

Webinar Tags - are action triggered by an attendee or commonly known as their webinar activity during your event

These are auto added into your hubspot as they occur or after the event ends. You can preview the activity of the contact but make sure you select EasyWebinar within the filter under integrations.

FYI: Activity will be actions or inactions of the event. Will be labeled with the event name attached.

Activities / Webinar tags such as:

Registered for: event name

Attended webinar : event name

Did not come :

watched full :

left early :

watched replay :

offer clicked :

saw offer and did not click :

To easily filter contacts based on webinar tags, you will need to setup an "ACTIVE" list in your hubspot and select/filter "Easywebinar" + corresponding Tag name.

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