Integrating Pardot With EasyWebinar

How to send contact information to Pardot (SalesForce)

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Pardot is a product from Salesforce. 

Pardot uses LISTS to move contact records through the Pardot app. 

Step #1 Connect your Pardot account to EasyWebinar. 

Step #2 Enter your Pardot credentials

Step #3 Locate your Pardot API credentials

Step #4 Choose Pardot as your CRM of choice when editing each webinar

Step #5 Add a list to begin collecting names in Pardot

Step #6 Integrate your new list(s) into EasyWebinar to track webinar actions

Step #7 Set up custom fields to send webinar merge data to Pardot 

You can send webinar data to Pardot for use with email merge fields. 

Data includes webinar date, time and join links for both live event and the replay. 

Step #8 Integrate your new custom fields to EasyWebinar

Step #9 Always save your work

Step #10 Test your connections by registering for the webinar

See custom field unique link sent to Pardot below. 

See list integration sent to Pardot during registration below

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