EasyWebinar allows you to connect different integrations with each webinar. This will allow you to use one email program with a webinar and another email program with a different one. Should you so choose. 

Connecting AWeber to a webinar is straight forward, but some planning is always good. 

**Warning - Your AWeber account probably requires a confirmation email and click to be added to an automation sequence in AWeber. This means that after registering with EasyWebinar your contact will also receive a "please confirm your email" from AWeber. This MUST be clicked and confirmed to receiving any emails regarding the webinar if you are using AWeber to send the notifications and not EasyWebinar.
This confirmation lock can be removed only by an AWeber support specialist. 

Elements to consider. 

Which tags will you need to complete your marketing strategy?

  • registered

  • came to webinar

  • watched full

  • did not come 

  • left early

  • watched replay 

  • asked a question

  • saw offer but did not click

  • saw offer and clicked on the link

Do you need to pass any webinar data to AWeber for email merge fields?

  • webinar unique join link

  • webinar unique replay link

  • webinar date 

  • webinar time

  1. Begin to connect a webinar to AWeber by first clicking on the Edit Event button. 

2. Once inside the webinar click on Integrations tag and pull down the AWeber option

3. Select the AWeber contact list you want the registration to go into. Type the name of the tag you which to use for each category. 

** You do not need to use tags or even all of them. You get to choose which tags best fit your marketing strategy. You do need to select a list. 

4. **ADVANCED AWeber Settings - If you will be sending emails from AWeber before, during or after the webinar you will need to consider which if any of the advanced fields you are using in your AWeber emails. 

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