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Using Polls During Live Webinars
Using Polls During Live Webinars
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Pushing a POLL out during a live webinar is quick and easy. 

During a live webinar your polls will be available to you on the right side column in the chat box area. 

Click on POLLS to bring up the polls you created during the event set up steps. 

Click on the drop down to select the poll you wish to push at that time. 

Click to select the proper poll

The poll will not be visible until you press the PUBLISH POLL button

After your attendees have a proper time to vote press the CLOSE POLL button

Results from your poll will remain in the POLLS area as a Closed Poll. You can refer to these results as needed during your live webinar. 

AFTER your webinar you can view your poll results on your dashboard

Click VIEW ANALYTICS to open the poll results for that associated webinar

Your poll results will appear in the box on the left. 

If you are running this several times as in an automated webinar you can filter the results by date using the FILTERS button below the boxes. 

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