Setting Up Polls

Polls are used to gather information about your attendees. Ask poll questions any time during your live or automated webinar.

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There are 2 best ways to use polls. 

  1. Gather more data and further segment your audience. 

  2. Create a pattern interrupt in your webinar to increase length of attendance. 

One of the best questions to ask during a poll is where they are in their journey. 

When it comes to X_niche... Would you consider yourself a 

  1. beginner

  2. novice

  3. expert

The sky is the limit with polls in EasyWebinar. You can ask as many questions as you like throughout your webinar and have the questions be as simple or robust as you need. 

Using polls as a pattern interrupt is great to break up the sleep factor of your slides. We recommend using polls every 7 - 10 minutes as you see your attendance falling off. 

Setting Up Polls for LIVE Webinars

  1. When editing your webinar click on the EVENT PAGE tab

  2. Open up the POLLS area to start building your polls

3. Turn on the POLLS feature

4. Add New Poll

5. Add your poll question
6. Add poll answer options
7. Add more if needed
8. Remove if needed
9. Always SAVE your work 

10. You new poll appears in the POLLS tab
11. You can edit the poll any time

** Automated Webinar POLLS Setup **

Polls, like offers, in an automated webinar must be set up with start and stop timers. 

Your poll will automatically start at the time you set for START POLL AT and it will be pulled away at the time you set for END POLL AT. 

Give your attendees enough time to vote. 

*These timers are set in accordance with your webinar video timers. Please make sure your webinar timer length is correct. 

Analytics For Your Polls

During a live webinar a closed poll will show up in your chat box area. 

After your webinar is over your poll results will show up on your dashboard

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