What is a "CoHost"?

A cohost or interviewee is a person on a live webinar beside yourself, (In EasyWebinar you are the Admin). 

EasyWebinar can have up to 4 people live with video talking at the same time on a live webinar. These are cohosts. 

Limitations of a cohost: A cohost has all powers of an admin except for turning a recording on and off and turning EasyCast Facebook / YouTube simulcast on and off. 

What is a "Moderator"?

A moderator is a person who assists you during a LIVE webinar with chat, showing offers, handling participants. 

Limitations of a moderator: A moderator has no camera or microphone options. They are only in the webinar as a service to assist in the chat answering questions. 

Adding a cohost or moderator to your webinar: 

You can give the link to a cohost or a moderator well in advance of the webinar. When you are editing a webinar in EasyWebinar you will click on the "Publishing Options" or "Save and Publish" button. The links that appear have at the bottom the links to invite a cohost or a moderator. 

Send those links to your invitees to make sure they have the correct control authority during your webinar. 

If you need to send these link "on the fly" while a live webinar is running you can still access them during the webinar under the "invite" link at the top of the screen. 

Both a cohost and a moderator will be required to enter their name and email so the chat system knows who they are. After they enter their name and email they will be directed right into the webinar. 

*** IMPORTANT: This is a feature that needs to be practiced by both parties so there are no technical issues or question on the day of the webinar. 

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