Getting Viewers to Attend

How to get people to show up for your webinar.

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You have several people registered for your webinar.... now what?

Honestly, getting people to register for the webinar is nice, but it's not exactly the real action you are looking for.

What we really want to eyes on the content, getting them to show up for the webinar.

Here are some simple things you can do to have them join in watching the webinar:

1 A compelling, but somewhat mysterious webinar title. If you give them the entire message in your webinar title and sub-line they won't have anything to wonder about. Be mysterious about the answers you will provide

2 Pre-Webinar email notifications... several of them.
"But won't they hate me for sending too many emails?" We understand that's how you THINK they feel. They do not. People appreciate the reminders. You have to keep in mind they did sign up to hear your presentation... Remind them to show up.

3 A great thank you page video
Don't give away all of the magic juice... Tell them why they need to be there. Give them a connection to the presenter.
โ€‹4 Don't let time kill your registration cycle
Nothing will kill your show up rate more than a l-o-n-g registration cycle. Sign up should be no longer than 6 days out. and 1-2 days are preferred. The longer it has been since they signed up that higher that risk they won't show up.ย 

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