You can choose to push the stream to Facebook Live or to YouTube live, you can actually stream to both at the same time if you wanted.

Now there is going to be a delay, not on the Easywebinar side but there will be a delay just because of the way things work with Facebook and YouTube ( this can vary dependant on equipment ) so let's call it an 8 to 10 second delay approximately between the two of them and this will happen wherever you go. Whether you are using Facebook live by itself will still give a delay or YouTube only or both of them. 

Just to let you know that that when you're syndicating out to any out to anything other than easywebinar there will be a little bit of a delay but you can't do both at the same time if you want to you have audiences in Facebook and audiences on YouTube live on YouTube channel subscribers then you may want to push us to both.

Whichever you select it's just exactly the same same principle when connecting.

You going to do this you're going to connect your stream the only difference is on here then when this is finished and making the connection 

that is going to pop up Facebook ask you how you want to connect to that so you can do one or both. YouTube does take a minute or two to do that.

So there we go now Facebook stream is popping up and it's going to ask you what page or group or event that you want to push through your own timeline whatever so a friend's timeline of group a page you manage and you can grab a page that you manage. 

Next give permission

 You can add in your content and then go live

Now we're pushed out to Facebook and YouTube live when you have both together there will be the + symbol or it will be one or the other.. Just an FYI you know that you're now simultaneously broadcasting to your easywebinar event page and all the participants here on the webinar Facebook live and YouTube live as well.

There is a stop button when you're finished as well as an end event button to end the stream properly. 

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