During a LIVE webinar you can share a pre-recorded video. 

The shared video can be in either form: 

  1. Pre-recorded session from EasyWebinar Live - hosted by EasyWebinar

  2. mp4 file uploaded to either your server, WordPress site or Amazon S3 hosting. 

** NOTE: You can not use a video from a video hosted site like YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia. 

You must share a video file ending in .mp4. or share a previous live session from EasyWebinar. 

Prepare your shared video ahead of time.

Step 1: Click on Presentation Media Menu
Step 2: Click on Presentation Videos
Step 3: Click on Add Video

Name and Save Your Video Link

Step 4: Name Your Video
Step 5: Insert mp4 Video Link Here
Step 6: Save Your Settings 

Verify Your Video Is In Your Video Library

Step 7: Your video will show up in the video library
Step 8: Preview to verify that your video plays correctly
Step 9: Edit video name if needed
Step 10: Delete option 

Step 11: Select The SHARE Button
Step 12: Click To Share Video 

Step 13: Select the pre-built library
Step 14: Select the video you want to share
Step 15: Start the video and enjoy

Alternative Share With Previous Live Session

1 - Select from a previous session and begin the share.

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