Requirements For EasyWebinar

CPU power and internet connections needed for EasyWebinar.

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Using EasyWebinar in a "LIVE" setting is the only time you need to be concerned about the power of your computer and your internet speed. 

Browser Requirements: 

For best results please use the Google Chrome browser
At this time Safari is not supported.

Computer Requirements: 

Any computer or laptop will work with current operating system updates. Check also to verify that your browser is the current version.  EasyWebinar will automatically adjust to the speed of your CPU. There are a few tips to maintaining the best speed possible for your computer. See the "Tips" section below for best uses.

Computer and Browser Speed Tips: 

  1. Turn off all apps and computer software not being used in your presentation.

  2. If you are using a laptop, plug it in. Do not rely on your battery to get you through your entire webinar. 

  3. If you are able, do not use a WiFi connection. Plug your computer directly into your router with an ethernet cable for fastest internet speed possible. 

  4. If you are broadcasting from a coffee shop or outside your office find the fastest internet speed possible. 

  5. Use if you are not sure if you have a reasonable internet connection. 

  6. Close all browsers not being used by EasyWebinar or in your presentation. 

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