{This comment below is from Casey Zeman in the Facebook Group regarding the struggle of selling

The biggest struggle that comes in from our survey that we send out is attracting quality leads. And of course wouldn't you know it, that the second thing becomes, how do you sell to those leads if you do get them. How do you attract them in the first place and then sell them?

Well, it first takes knowing exactly who that audience is that you are trying to attract, and doing research to find out if you want to attract them in the first place. Half of it is science and research, the other half is testing and refining. There are ways to start to determine if you are creating the right content to attract the right audience.

  1. Are you calling out your audience? 

In your marketing message are you saying WHO you are attracting?

If you want to attract a person who is of a certain status or has a certain revenue they're generating, let them know.

2. Are you highlighting the results you can achieve for them?

Show the results. The problem around selling is that you dont focus on mentioning the results and therefore you aren't pricing accordingly. You need to price your products based on results.

3. The problem with selling is that you are trying to do it all from a webinar. If I were to start over, I would do a free webinar to a strategy session to where I talked directly to my prospects to hear their pain points to learn data that will help me to get better at crafting my offer.

4. Charge higher prices and take on fewer clients. Stop trying to get thousands of customers and clients. Try to just get one client at a time. Especially if you are just starting out. The pie in the sky notion of selling a course on autopilot sounds good, but often times it still takes a boat load of time to get it right.

I would start with a coaching program if I were to start over. Fewer clients, higher prices, and scalable. So I would offer a group coaching where I had one session a week where everyone in my program could come. This would leverage your time in the best way while still providing quality content. When I started out, that is how I was able to generate a consistent revenue online. Sold coaching programs from a webinar, took on fewer clients and sustained a good revenue.

I think the problem happens when people try to jump over to wanting to sell thousands of courses even before they've just had 20-30 higher paying clients that were maybe a hybrid of one on one clients.

When I first started out, I was a YouTube Marketing Consultant. I had 5 clients paying me 2k a piece in the best month during that time.

I knew it wasn't scalable, so that is why I started to build a hybrid of it. Where I could be a consultant but at the same time sell my course. At that time I started to get more clients. But the key was, I didn't need thousands, only say 5-10 a month to really start doing better and better. Imagine 5 clients a month paying you 5k a piece.

So let me ask everyone here, what do you do? Are you focusing on trying to sell that course for 99 dollars or that ebook for 30?

If so , change the way youre doing it.

Charge higher, go more Jerry Macguire style and get fewer clients but generate more revenue with less refunds. PM me if you want to learn how. I have a coaching program that shows you how to do this very thing...oh and it shows how to use webinars to do it! 

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