Did you know that with EasyWebinar's thank you pages you can leverage calendar icons, add videos and clear descriptions to encourage more people to show to your webinar? Pretty cool eh?

Well there is another feature that can actually also bring in viral traffic to your webinars through your registrants sharing the news of your webinar to their social media platforms.

You can use our 'Share Incentive' tool to give a free gift away when they decide to share. The free gift ONLY SHOWS UP AFTER they share to their social media accounts. That way you can guarantee they share before getting the freebie.

What can the freebie be? Share items can come in the 2 forms

  • PDF/Text File/WordDoc

  • Video

When considering your "share incentive" you want to make sure it is not only cohesive to your webinar, but also strong enough to value to make them want to click on it 

Setting up your Share Incentive:

Below is a video that should be watched to get all information and see it first hand how it works.

Within this article and video below we cover social share incentives and social meta date or social media information that gets displayed on facebook or twitter when a share button is clicked.

#1 click on thank you page tab, #2 click on social share incentives for attendees #3 turn on the social share incentives to display the social share icons. #4 if you want to incentivise them you can provide a Video or a PDF, #5 Now click on advanced options to add in your data

#2 click on social meta tag settings #3 and #4 you can add in your title and description and image you want to display within facebook or twitter under the social meta options within the advanced options tab.. 

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