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Navigating your EasyWebinar account
Updated over a week ago

Now that you are within your account you are wondering where is everything and what to you need to do next?

This video will help guide you in knowing what the button, links and dropdowns are.

1: Display options is a way to segment your Live and Evergreen events
  a: Live Events
  b: Evergreen Events

2: Domain Dropdown is the possible list of domain that you may have associated with your account. Whether you are a commercial holder or you have installed the plugin onto your site. Sub-user accounts and wordpress installations will show up within this account. ( NOTE: you must select which domain it is you wish to create and conduct your events from )

3: My Recordings is where all your Easywebinar live stream recording are stored for you to be able to download or use within your Automated events. ( Youtube live events are fount within your youtube account under video manager )

4: My account tab display the following
  a: Profile = Account info, name, email, username, password, subdomain name change
  b: Integrations = where you integrate your autoresponder
  c: Tutorials = knowledgebase
  d: Download Plugin = Getting plugin and activation ket to install onto your own self hosted wordpress site ( Managed wordpress solutions and multi site set ups will not work)
  e: Subscription level
  f: Logout

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