let’s start a walkthrough for creation of “Web to Lead” form.

Navigate to “Settings | App Setup | Customize | Leads | Web-to-Lead”.

Now enable “Web to Lead” setting and assign “Default Lead Creator”, This user will be used to create the lead from Web to lead form.

We can also set the “Default Response Template”, in case we want to send an auto reply to the submitter that his/her information was submitted successfully.

Then click on button “Create Web-to-Lead Form”.

After click on button, above wizard will open.
Here we can decide that which fields should be present in the form and in which sequence. ( FIRST NAME, EMAIL ONLY )
We can select the return URL (In most of the cases it would be the URL of site from which the form is invoked).

Make sure the "Return URL" is your EasyWebinar events thank you page URL found inside publishing options. If you plan to have a custom thank you page instead then add that URL here instead.. Just remember that no EasyWebinar event data can be pushed to this custom page of yours.
Now click on “Generate” button. The HTML code will be generated as per below image.

Copy and Paste the above code into the custom code field inside the event integrations area as seen below

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