EasyWebinar has just rolled out an api connection to Convertkit so that when people are added to your webinars they can be automatically be added into your chosen list.

What is Segmentation and How Can It Help My Marketing Message and Make More Money For My Business?

Great question.
Segmentation is the ability to send a series of emails to a specific audience who takes a specific action. For instance, in EasyWebinar, we’ve created universal action tags based on what someone would typically do during a webinar.

Such as:

Came to Webinar
Watched The Full Event
Did Not Come to the Webinar
Left Early
Watched Replay
Asked a Question

We also have also specific offer tags as well:

Saw Offer But Didn’t Click
Saw Offer and Clicked

We’ve integrated these specific tags to trigger follow-up emails & campaigns from inside of your ConvertKit system. These emails & campaigns can be specifically catered to match the actions a person does in a webinar.



Below is an option within easywebinar to send back to your autoresponder the unique event and replay links of each registrant.. This is for advanced users who want to use their own autoresponder to send pre (before) and post (after) notifications through their own autoresponder.

If you are going to use EasyWebinar built in notifications then this can be left blank..


*** Below is a Manual method ( Custom Code Option ) for connecting your autoresponder and not needed if you use the api connection above***

Please follow this video along to sync your event leads

into your convertkit. It is the manual way to connect your convertkit into Easywebinar by adding the form code into CUSTOM CODE of event integrations.. 

Also watch the second video too so you can know how to add in ability to capture unique url to convertkit

This video was Graciously done by a fellow EasyWebinar member.. Thank you Melissa

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