Using MailChimp With EasyWebinar

How to add in MailChimp to use as your autoresponder for webinar registration.

Updated over a week ago

Api Connection set up integration below is a single opt in.. 

Click on Authorize Button

Sign in with your Mailchimp logins to authorize the account and connect

Now you can select mailchimp and choose your list.. Please create your list in mailchimp first. If list is not found in EW please click the Reload List/Tags Button

Advanced User Options: 

You may also see fields for unique url and replay url..

Those are only OPTIONAL fields if you want the registrants links sent back along with name and email. Only if you plan to send reminders from mailchimp.. You need to create custom fields with mailchimp for each one as seen in video below.. 


To force the double opt in process please use the form integration below.

The video below is if you choose to not use the api connection above and choose to use the custom code and create your own form code.. 

Once you watch the video please add the form code into easywebinar as seen here

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