Are you looking to create an event fast? The video within this article will show you, that you can get set up and ready to go live in under 3 minutes..

Now this is the bare essentials, no add ons. Not taking advantage of any optional goodies that easywebinar can offer you to build you business, make money and have fun while doing it.

Now dont let this simplicity of setting up and going live take anything away to what you have at your disposal. This is just a KISS method that I always need to remind myself to do and that is to keep it simple silly.. 

Sometimes we can get caught up in all the options they can cause to delays. Delays mean lost business revenue as we get caught up in them and start to complicate matters.


  1. Click on ADD EVENT
  2. Give it a title (Internal use only)
  3. Select your timezone
  4. select your Date and time of the event
  5. Give it a headline on the event page tab
  6. Select live chat feature
  7. Save and Publish
  8. Mail out the No Registration Countdown Public Event Link: to your list
  9. Done, well now you click on green GO LIVE button at the time of your event

Now Choose EasyWebinar to go live from and follow the prompts to allow and or download the screenshare browser extension.

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